Fall hair loss: myths and truths

Why does hair fall more in the fall?

Looking on the Internet for issues related to hair loss in autumn, we observe many false lies and many untested myths surrounding this issue. We check how the first pages that appear on Google with the title of "Why does hair fall in autumn?" Do not respond seriously to this question.

In our opinion, hair loss in autumn is due to many factors related to the weather and the return to the daily routine: work, studies, obligations, stress ...

All these factors that favor hair loss especially in autumn, add to the other factors that remain throughout the year such as: hereditary hair loss, poor eating or timeless habits such as postpartum, medical treatments, etc.

How much hair do I fall in autumn?

When talking about hair loss, we talk about a problem that indicates that hair falls in amounts of more than 100 hairs a day. So a fall of hair in autumn, means that in this weather period, hair falls more, and the parameter that has been used to define hair loss is more than 100 hairs / day.

What is the seasonal periodicity of my hair?

We have already detailed in other posts of this blog that the hair grows, stays and falls, and follows a cycle that usually lasts on average 6 years , between all these stages, starting or ending this cycle without temporary relationship.

Does the lack of sun favor hair loss?

If this were so, in countries with little sun, there would be more baldness, and so far nothing has been proven related to the sun and hair loss.

Does long hair fall more than short hair?

The hair falls regardless of its length.

The length that can be evidenced is the hair loss, that is to say, a long fallen hair is easier to see and in general, it has had a longer residence time than the short hair. On the other hand, a long hair can become entangled more than a short hair, and when untangled, by a physical drag cause its fall. But except for this situation, a hair falls the same regardless of its length.

Does cutting your hair reduce your fall in the fall?

Hair length does not influence the fall. If we cut the hair, what we do is eliminate the part that has been exposed for the longest time to external aggressions, but does not influence the greater or lesser hair loss.

Does frequent use of a hair dryer after summer favor hair loss?

The use of the dryer can affect the quality of the hair, but not its fall . In this blog there are several posts related to the hair dryer and hair loss. For more references, check out Kalista Salon blog to know more.

Does brushing hair every day increase hair loss in autumn?

Brushing the hair if it is not done carefully, can increase the aggression on it , so that when it is pulled it falls out. It is what we call traction hair loss. But if we do it carefully, and we use a softening product that helps the hair does not get tangled and we also use a suitable comb with wide spikes, we will reduce the problems of hair pulling.

Does the hair that has fallen out come out again in winter?

Yes hair,that is, the hair follicle has not exhausted its full potential, in winter, after the fall, it will come out again. But if the hair follicle has already come to an end and has exhausted the programmed hair cycles, it will not come out again. That is why it is so important to use products that stop hair loss if there is hair loss, and thus avoid consuming the full potential of hair growth.

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